Monday, September 15, 2008

Thing 7

      Maybe they'll do a "round 3"    

Thing 6 Online Image Generators

sampf3fe63abe6cfc1bd.jpg I'm getting really carried away with this one and would have a hard time 

leaving this if I were a student in need of creating something.   There are so many possibilities and so many ways to 

personalize and symbolize your work.  Every part could be special, containing hidden meanings and messages.  A real fun "Thing".  

Thing 5

Pewter Ransom Font THIEducational Block NCopper Uppercase Letter G                5

This is pretty neat.    I 'm not sure if  dragging and dropping was the acceptable
way to do this but it worked and looks great.   A good way to draw attention and make
work more eye catching.   In my opinion,  in small quantities it would draw you in to want to
finish reading what it spells out but I'm guessing too much would not be a good "Thing".  

I like the way this makes each letter or number unique,  yet inclusive.   Again,  I liked this.

Thing 4 Flickr

IMG_0008 by you.This is one of my own photos that I uploaded from my iphoto.  These are Hollyhocks I was in awe of.   Not just because of their beauty but because I gathered the seeds from my Mom and Dad's which makes them very special.   This was a proud moment : )  This would be nice to pool all sorts of images together
but to me it also seems like a lot of extra work.   I hope to get through many of these posts
but do not feel that I will get the full appreciation toward library usage that I should.  
I will instead use this as a chance to navigate and have fun  because I don't think I will make the deadline.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Thing 3

I tried Google Reader for RSS feeds. For me it would be useful for keeping up to date with something like updates in certain laws or events or news that is ongoing.  Maybe I didn't
get far enough into this but that's what I found.   I currently use Google Alerts to alert me whenever a chosen topic is sited in the news.   That saves a lot of time browsing and it
comes directly into my e-mail and it's something to look forward to.    

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Thing 2

The video by Stephen Abrams was interesting and did put things
into perspective. Setting goals and really wanting to accomplish
 something can be a strong motivator as can it be having the pressure of
an audience.  
  I took the time viewing  thing 2 several times in the last weeks but failed to post right 
afterward and now I am short on time.  I do feel that this is a good experience to find out
what is going on with other library technology.  I did not totally understand it but the opportunity is there to be able to.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Thing 1

 I found this to be confusing at first but after coming back several times it began to make more  sense.
I'm not real comfortable with putting myself out there so
that will be something to accomplish.  Creating the Avatar
was kind of fun after I finally realized what I was doing.